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Enlightenment Media Inc. (EMI) is the ultimate partner for marketing on the Internet. If you are looking to build brand awareness, acquire more customers, and build your business on the worldwide web, Enlightenment Media has the solutions for you.

The importance of Internet Marketing in competitive markets cannot be overstated. Business owners that wish to remain competitive and successful must learn to leverage the web effectively. Consumers are increasingly turning to the worldwide web to review service providers, hunt for products, find phone numbers and directions, and actually purchase goods and services of all kinds. Businesses with no presence on the web risk being left behind.

EMI aims to elevate your website to the highest possible search engine rankings, present your business in a powerful way, and convert more visitors to the website into valuable customers. These are the primary goals of any Internet marketing campaign and provide the foundation of EMI strategy. EMI will also use innovative strategies in addition to the more conventional techniques listed below.


With over twenty years experience in effective Internet Marketing, EMI has assembled an excellent team of professionals and an unmatched network of partners. EMI Account Managers are able to quickly and expertly customize a marketing strategy to meet the needs of each client. Custom strategies might include localizing marketing efforts to a specific city, state or region. Or, the EMI team might design a search landing page specific to one keyword or phrase, increasing “conversion” rates. Depending on your industry and goals, EMI may focus on social media outlets, the blogosphere, or pay-per-click campaigns. Whatever marketing platforms are used, EMI will work to get the best Return on Investment (ROI) for your marketing dollar.

In addition to the team, the EMI Network of affiliates, partners, vendors and service providers is second to none. This robust network exists to quickly and efficiently tap into the power of the Internet. With EMI as your partner, you can effectively manage marketing campaigns, develop rich content, increase exposure, maximize ROI, and effectively manage your reputation online. Existing EMI relationships mean you get the best services at the best price.

With a reasonable investment, small and medium-sized businesses can reach millions of people. Online marketing saves time and money and increases conversion rates by targeting only the relevant audience. Search engine optimization and marketing efforts can be measured almost real time, with detailed analytics and reporting. EMI will continue to adjust the strategy based on what is working the best. Partnering with Enlightenment Media brings a brand new level of success!

Enlightenment Media can quickly design and develop a brand new website to meet your needs, create display ads, manage email campaigns, whatever it takes! For existing websites, EMI will make them more effective, more efficient and more visible. Once the content and collateral is complete, EMI knows how best to extend the business into each corner of the worldwide web.

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